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(VIDEO) How to Remove Media from a Mineral Tank – Step 2 – Use an Extractor to Force Media Out

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How to Remove Media from a Mineral Tank – Step 2 – Use an Extractor to Force Media Out – LeverEdge
(Video transcript included below.)


For the next step, we’ll use what’s called a mineral extractor. The mineral extractor will feed water in through the top and then force the media up through the tube and into our collection device. So as you saw, I slid this part down here so that I can easily screw this onto the tank. And what that does is allow the tube to be above the media so that I’m not stuffing the media full and creating a clog in the tube.

Connect the hose.

So now I’ll just push this down until I just feel it start to hit the media, which is right about there. Now start flowing some water into the tank and the water will start to force the media out and up through and into this collection device.

As you can see, it has now filled up enough so that we have media coming out. Keep an eye out to make sure that you have a continuous flow. We’ll keep flushing this out until we see it come completely clear to be certain that we have all the media out.

So as you can see it’s running nice and clear. Just gently rock back and forth a little bit to make sure you’ve got everything.

At this time we can disconnect the water hose and remove the mineral extractor.

This mineral extractor is set up for a 10 x 44 tank. In order to ensure that we have all the media out of a 10 x 54 tank, just add a simple extension. This is a coupling with an extra piece of pipe.

Screw this back onto the tank. That’s going to enable us to get the rest of the media out of the bottom of the tank and ensure that it’s nice and clean. So as we can see we had a little bit more left down in there.

So you can see when I stuff that down in there all the way it’s bottoming out into the bottom of the tank and not allowing any media to distribute through the tube. All I have to do is pull that up a little bit and we get more flow. And that’s typical for any time that you’re using the mineral extractor, if it stops flowing either or you need to pull up the tube a little bit or your discharge tube is stuck inside the media and it won’t allow it to evacuate. I’d say we got it all that time.

Turn off the water and let this drain down.

Now we’ll disassemble the mineral extractor and remove it from the tank.

We now have this tank full of water, we’ll just want to dump that out. It’s nothing but clean water so it’s okay to go on the ground.

Then what we’ll do is bring our empty mineral tank into the facility so that we can start the re-bed process.

If you’re doing multiple tanks at one time, make sure that you put the exact distributor that came out of the tank back into the same tank.

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