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Spring Is a Great Time to Install a New Solar Pool Heating System—Here’s Why

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As the chill of winter fades away and the warmth of spring begins to permeate the air, many pool owners start thinking about the upcoming swim season. And what better way to maximize your pool enjoyment than by installing a new solar pool heating system?

At The LeverEdge, we believe that spring is the perfect time to make this investment, and here’s why.

Great Weather, Great Timing

Spring offers ideal weather conditions for installation. With mild temperatures and fewer weather disruptions compared to the busier summer months, installing a solar pool heating system in spring ensures a smooth and timely process.

You’ll have your system up and running just in time to enjoy the first dips in your pool as the weather continues to warm up.

Extend This Year’s Swim Season

Installing a solar pool heating system in spring allows you to start reaping the benefits right away. By harnessing the abundant sunlight of the season, you’ll extend your swimming season significantly, enjoying comfortable water temperatures earlier in the year and well into the fall.

Say goodbye to waiting for the water to warm up naturally, and hello to more time spent relaxing and enjoying your pool oasis.

Better Contractor Availability

Spring installations enable you to take advantage of more open contractor schedules.

By getting your project on the calendar now, you stand a better chance of having the work completed sooner.

Ready to dive into the world of solar pool heating? Connect with a LeverEdge dealer near you today to explore your options and kickstart your pool upgrade journey. Don’t wait until summer—spring is the perfect time to make waves with a new solar pool heating system from The LeverEdge.

Contact us today to get connected with a LeverEdge dealer near you and start enjoying your pool to the fullest this spring!

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