Historically, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide were treated using large, multiple tank, high maintenance systems that utilized chemical oxidizing agents. The Iron Boss Extreme does the job without adding any chemical additives. One filter system. One extraordinary, all-natural filtration and oxidation media. One name – Iron Boss Extreme.

Iron Boss Extreme can be used in conjunction with a Water Refiner, Drinking Water System, and UV light, as part of a complete water treatment solution.

No Chemicals, No Toxins, No Chlorine, No Salt

End rust stains in your sinks and appliances

Reduce the need for chemical based detergents

How it Works


Iron Boss utilizes Natural Air to supercharge the filtration chamber with oxygen. When oxygen comes in contact with the iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in your water, their physical properties are altered on a molecular level as they become oxidized.


The new iron oxide and elemental sulfur are then physically filtered out of your water utilizing Iron Boss’s equally unique feature – Diamonite filtration media. When combined, these two features work perfectly together, naturally removing unwanted elements from your water.


After your water has been filtered, it can either flow directly into your home for consumption, or into secondary filtration systems; depending on your individual need. The Iron Boss system is also self-cleaning; automatically rinsing and re-oxygenating the Diamonite media bed, minimizing the need for scheduled maintenance.

Diamonite is a unique blend of filtration media that greatly enhances the ability of Iron Boss to remove troublesome iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from your water. Diamonite is made up of millions of multifaceted, highly porous beads that create tiny caverns to hold oxygen molecules, and allow it to act as a natural filter.