Solar PV Systems

Solar electric systems, also known as photovoltaic or PV systems, provide consumers with a reliable source of renewable energy by turning sunshine into electricity. Why pay for electricity when you can generate your own free energy from the sun utilizing this clean, pollution-free technology? The investment in a solar electric system for your home can help reduce your electric bill and protect you from ever-increasing utility rates while reducing your carbon footprint. Solar systems sold in the U.S. are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and additional state, local, and utility incentives exist in many areas, lowering the cost of investment for many homeowners.

The LeverEdge has adopted the company’s “kit” approach with the solar electric systems it distributes. Our PV kits are comprised of a selection of high-quality components from the industry’s leading manufacturers of modules, inverters, and mounting solutions to form a custom pre-engineered system.

PV Kits include:

  • Dealer’s choice of high performance PV Modules
  • Enphase and Sol-Ark inverters
  • Iron Ridge and Uni-rac racking systems
  • Wire management and cable ties
  • SolaDeck junction box with integrated flashing