Power Up Your House by Catching The Sun

Why pay for electricity when you can generate your own free energy from the sun
utilizing this clean, pollution-free technology?

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Solar Water Heating

LeverEdge solar water heating systems can provide homeowners with 80-90% of their hot water needs FREE from the sun.
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Solar Pool Heat

Double or triple your swim season!
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Water Purification

The LeverEdge has taken a comprehensive approach toward solving today’s water
quality challenges by pioneering the all-in-one, multi-stage whole house refiner.

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Solar Attic Ventilation

Extend the life of your roof, reduce the heat load on your HVAC system, prevent damaging ice damming and reduce moisture build-up in the attic.

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Become a dealer

Are you an independent water dealer, plumber, entrepreneur or a private individual looking for a new business opportunity?

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Products We Offer

Nuvis DHW
Enphase Envoy

Welcome to LeverEdge

From our humble beginnings to the current day

The LeverEdge has been committed to a single-minded focus; to provide the world with alternative technologies that conserve our valuable resources while enhancing the quality of our lives.

We’ve dedicated our focus to both sustainable alternative energy technologies and water treatment and water purification technologies.

By the year 2050 the world’s population is projected to reach 9 billion people. Because the world’s population is growing, our natural resources, such as fuel and water, will be under an ever-increasing demand. Providing clean, affordable alternatives for energy and reliable point-of-use water treatment systems is what we do.

Solar for Business

The Business Advantages of Solar Energy

The LeverEdge provides a variety of solar technologies available to business owners to help them reduce their operating costs, hedge against rising energy cost and inflation while reducing their carbon footprint. We offer solutions to save on the heating cost for commercial swimming pools, domestic water heating in high-demand applications such as hotels, schools, restaurants etc. and solar photovoltaic systems to reduce a facility’s overall electricity demand – all by producing clean, cost-efficient energy harnessed by the sun.

We offer our clients a dedicated engineering resource for system sizing, design support, and will work with architectural and engineering firms to meet specified requirements. Let us help you put the sun to work for your business.

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For more information about The LeverEdge’s products and services please complete the form below or call us at 813-403-5100 (option 3, 2), and one of our staff will be in contact with you shortly.

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