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(VIDEO) How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 1 – Carefully Re-Seat the Distributor

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How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 1 – Carefully Re-Seat the Distributor
(Video transcript included below.)


As you can see the mineral tank is now sitting a little crooked. This can happen in transport or when trying to empty it. It’s a simple fix. All you do is just tap it on the ground. This may take a couple of times. Usually, it will straighten itself out pretty well.

We’ve inspected our distributor. This one looks fine. As I stated before, if you’re doing multiple tanks, make sure you put the distributor that came out of that tank back into that same tank. The reason for this is that these are blow-molded tanks and they can be varied heights. So this distributor is made specifically for this mineral tank. It could create an issue if you don’t use the same distributor.

In the bottom of this tank, there’s going to be a center locating spot. What you want to do is make sure that the tip of the distributor–as you can see, it’s pointed– would be sitting down into that location. Usually, you can feel this. And you can see how it just dropped in a little bit. So if I pull up again, it’ll sit up, until it sets in. You can feel that it won’t go in until you get it just right, and then it will drop down into place. Make sure that it’s set down all the way in the bottom. Now we’re ready to fill.

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