Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

HI-5 Series 5 Years Labor/10 Years Parts Warranty

Top Notch





Performance and Efficiency

  • Super sized evaporator coil (patent pending)
  • 100% full flow titanium turbo heat exchanger
  • Ultra-quiet 825 rpm fan motor
  • Thermal expansion valve
  • Chill buster (optional)

Intelligent Control and Design

  • Sensible automation
  • Solar ready differential control
  • Advanced diagnostic LCD display
  • Even heat
  • Triple thermostat
  • Durable ABS cabinet

State of the Art Manufacturing

  • Helium (He) testing
  • Mass flow charging
  • Interlocked testing stations
  • Final run test


  • This is where efficiency begins (4 sided design)
  • Higher performance in colder weather
  • Largest in the industry
  • Lifetime warranty against corrosion
  • 100% Titanium
  • Turbo design for maximum heat transfer into your pool
  • All 2″ plumbing to maintain efficient full water flow
  • Ultra-Quiet and efficient operation only 56db
  • Refrigerant regulated for maximum efficiency in all types of weather
  • Reverse Gas defrost allows heating in conditions below freezing Units can also cool the pool
  • Capable of automating your pool/spa combo
  • Controls valves and thermostat operation
  • Compatible with all external automation
  • Automate your solar pool heating for the perfect hybrid system Maximizes efficiency and control
  • Notifies you of potential service issues in real words – not codes
  • Back lit display, multiple languages, and digital lockout standard
  • Override the timer to maintain your desired temperature anytime
  • Individual controls for pool, spa and solar thermostats
  • Rattle free. Rust proof. UV protected for lifetime durability
  • Factory leak detection 100 times more accurate than our competitors ensuring optimized performance
  • Computerized refrigerant filling with no human error accurate to 1*/100th of an ounce ensuring each unit is “Perfect”
  • Computerized quality control testing process can’t be bypassed
  • Tests every component, in every unit, every time
  • A “perfect” unit every time for the ultimate piece of mind
Units SpecsHI 110HI 125HI 150
Outside of AHRI 1160 Test Standard
AHRI High Test Point99,000/6.0109,000/5.9124,000/5.4
AHRI Low Test Point66,000/4.174,000/4.185,000/4.0
Min Amps/Max Breaker37/4037/5037/50
Weight (Shipping)218 lbs (253 lbs)218 lbs (253 lbs)222 lbs (257 lbs)
Dimensions (Shipping)31×31×38 (33×31×41)31×31×38 (33×31×41)31×31×38 (33×31×41)