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What Are the Advantages of Having Solar Panels?

In Commercial Solar by The LeverEdge

Have you been wondering if it’s time to invest in solar panels? For most people, the advantages of solar far outweigh the costs. Here are some of the best benefits, along with the few disadvantages, to help you decide whether solar panels are right for you. Benefits of Solar Panels Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have many benefits compared to traditional …

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What’s in a LeverEdge Solar PV “Kit”?

In Commercial Solar, Residential Solar, Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

You might have heard about our all-in-one, kitted solar power systems—complete solar energy generation solutions that include everything you need to begin tapping the power of the sun. These kits have been such a roaring success with our customers that we thought we’d dedicate this week’s blog to them. In this blog post, you’ll learn what’s in a LeverEdge solar …

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What is CDMA-Based Inverter Monitoring?

In Commercial Solar, Dealer Training, Equipment Training, Raise Your Solar I.Q., Residential Solar, Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

It’s safe to say that renewable energy has become a massive technological breakthrough. Specifically, solar power has officially revolutionized how we use electricity. With the added volume of solar panels that has made its way to the rooftops of homes and businesses throughout America, technology has had to keep up by providing effective methods of monitoring of all of these …

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All about Solar PV Kits

In Commercial Solar, Dealer Training, Equipment Training, Raise Your Solar I.Q., Residential Solar, Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

Everything you ever wanted to know about solar photovoltaic kits is here, in this blog post. Ok, well, maybe not *everything*, but there’s enough to get you started if you’re new to the world of residential solar power. By getting acquainted with what comes in a PV kit, you can start your journey on the path to energy independence made …

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Product Spotlight: Unirac Solar Panel Racking Systems

In Commercial Solar, Equipment Training by The LeverEdge

When designing a reliable, highly efficient solar power system, one area where corners simply cannot be cut is the mounting system. A high-quality panel mounting strategy will help to ensure that whatever solar panels are used are held into place, withstand the elements, and provide years of clean, renewable power. When the solar professionals at The LeverEdge evaluate any home …

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Are There Risks with Solar Power?

In Commercial Solar, Financial Advice by The LeverEdge

Any time an investment is being evaluated—whether it’s a mutual fund or a home improvement project—it’s important to evaluate risk. So, it’s reasonable to ask the question, “Are there any risks associated with having solar panels installed onto a building?” In this week’s blog post, we’re going to take an unbiased look at what risks there are, if any, when …

Summer’s Coming; It’s Time for Solar!

In Commercial Solar, Raise Your Solar I.Q., Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

With the long summer days comes a glut of sunshine, and that’s great news for people who have installed solar panels onto their homes or commercial buildings. This is a great opportunity for distribution partners to be talking about the solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions available from the LeverEdge. With the all-in-one, ‘kitted’ solar power systems from the LeverEdge, energy savings …