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(VIDEO) How to Remove Media from a Mineral Tank – Step 1 – Remove Distributor

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This video is the first in a series of equipment training videos – How to Remove Media from a Mineral Tank – Step 1 – Remove the Distributor
(Video transcript included below.)


We’re at the LeverEdge facility in Odessa, Florida and today we’ll be removing the old media from a Westinghouse Dynamic tank. The steps are the same for any water conditioner.

The first thing you’ll do in the home is bypass the system to relieve pressure. Then disconnect the following from the valve – brine line, drain line, power supply, and the connections to the bypass.

Once those are disconnected, spin the valve head off. After taking the valve head off, do a visual inspection of the top basket to make sure that it’s in good shape. No cracks, no clogging. This one seems to be good so we’ll reuse this one. Put the valve off to the side.

The next thing you’ll need to do is remove the distributor. We’re using this distributor extractor that we made in-house. You can also take off the tank jacket at this time.

Put the extractor down into the distributor all the way.

Next, use a garden hose to force water into the distributor. This will float the media so that you can easily pull the distributor out. Ease the water pressure into the extractor. As the tank starts to fill up, move the extractor back and forth and the distributor will start to come free from the media. Once you get enough water in the media to loosen the distributor, you can turn off the water and disconnect the hose.

Remove the extractor and the distributor should come right out.

At this time, inspect the distributor to make sure both baskets are in good shape – nothing’s clogged, no cracks, and nothing broken. If everything seems to be okay, you can reuse the distributor.

If you’re doing multiple tanks at one time, make sure that you put the exact distributor that came out of the tank back into the same tank.

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