Water affects every aspect of your home life starting with the raw water entering your home through your appliances, to your drinking water, down to the water you shower in and use for cooking. Hard water can shorten the life of plumbing and appliances, along with the life of your clothes and linens. Hard water can leave your dishes dirty, your drinking water tasting and smelling bad, your hair limp, and your skin dry.

Not such a pretty picture! The Nuvis whole-house water treatment system helps with every aspect of these common hard water problems.

The Nuvis Water Conditioning System

The Nuvis water conditioner is a whole-house water treatment solution designed to address the most common water challenges we face today. Based on your water usage and tested water quality, one of the 3 models of Nuvis systems will be recommended by your authorized Nuvis dealer.

All Nuvis models are fully automated. Your Nuvis technician will program the unit based on your source water quality and the system make-up and capacity. On average, every few days the system will go through a self-cleaning regeneration to refresh the media bed, renewing its filtering capacity.

Occasionally adding salt in the system’s brine tank is the only attention needed from the home owner.