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Is Attic Heat Destroying Your Home?

You might be surprised… here’s why:

Attic venting is an important aspect for maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient house. Our solar attic fan works with your existing passive attic vents to improve attic air circulation. And it does it without any power from the electrical grid.

Fixed solar panel effectively stands up to hurricane and tornadic winds.

Seamless commercial-grade aluminum hood is powder-coated inside and out to provide extra durability.

The 24 watt model’s solar panel can be detached and replaced without having to replace the entire fan unit.

Motor isolation bracket ensures quiet motor operation.

5-Blade balanced aluminum fan.

Stainless steel wire screen keeps out critters and debris.

Benefits of Attic Venting

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    Extends the Life of your Roof....

    Heat build-up will eventually take its toll on shingles and roof underlayment. Roof replacement and repairs are expensive. Solar attic fans are a cost effective way to defer these expensive fixes.

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    Reduces the Load on your HVAC System....

    Our fans can reduce attic temperatures by up to 40 degrees. This greatly reduces the temperatures surrounding duct work and, as a result, helps shorten A/C run times-extending the life of the A/C unit.

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    Prevents Damaging Ice Damming...

    Improperly circulating attic air can create hot and cold zones. Sometimes “hot spots” from on the roof which unevenly melts rooftop snow. As the melted snow refreezes, damaging ice damming can occur on eaves and gutters.

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    Reduces Moisture Build-up in the Attic...

    Excessive moisture in the attic can cause a variety of problems including soggy insulation, wood rot, rust on metal components, and damage to items stored in the attic.

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    Increases Fresh Air Circulation...

    Probably the best way to prevent mold, mildew, and fungus on attic surfaces is to install our Solar Attic Fan.

Five Powerful Solar Attic Fan Models to Choose from

Fixed Panel Solar Attic Fans

Ultra Low Profile Model – aesthetically pleasing, roof-hugging design

Tile Rooft Model – works great with S-Tile roofs

Adjustable Panel Solar Attic Fans

Roof Mount – provides extra angle flexibility for capturing the maximum amount of sunlightCurb Mount – same panel angle felxibility in a unit designed to work with curbs

Gable Mount Solar Attic Fans

Gable Fans – perfect for replacement of existing gable fans or when a roof mounted fan isn’t desired

Solar Attic Fan Options

Remote Panel

Used when there is limited sunshine available for an installed fan.

Fire Safety Switch

Designed to stop the spread of fires originating in or just below the attic.

Thermal Snap Switch

Switches on the fan when the temperature rises to 80℉ and turns off the fan when the temperature falls to 70℉.

Flashing Skirt

Designed for the special requirements of tile roofs.

Turret Extension

Designed for the special requirements of tile roofs.

Garage Exhaust Kit

Converts the fan into a garage venting system and can also be used in barns, sheds, or other work areas.

Why Our Fans are the Best for the Price

  • All hoods and flashings are made from Seamless, Commercial-grade Aluminum
  • All hoods and flashings are powder-coated inside & out for superior corrosion resistance. (The interior Gable unit is made from Commercial-grade Mill-finished Aluminum.)
  • All Solar Panels can be replaced without having to replace the entire unit
  • All components are backed by our 25-Year, No Worry Warranty
Eligible for Federal Tax Credits

We are committed to manufacturing and assembling high quality, environmentally responsible products that provide energy savings for our customers.

Our Solar Attic Fans are eligible for Federal Tax Credits as defined in The Energy Policy Act of 2005 as a Residential Photovoltaic System. In order to qualify, the unit must have been placed in service after January 1, 2009.


Solar Attic Fan Performance and Features

The adjustable panel solar attic fans are available in four different wattages: 12, 24, 36, and 60 watt models. Fully operational right from the box, our fans install easily in just under an hour. No electrician nor household electrical wiring is required. Once installed, the unit is weather tight and maintenance free. All fans are hurricane tested and approved and carry our Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturer’s defects in material and deterioration (excluding labor, and applicable shipping and handling costs). The warranty is subject to proper installation of the unit by a duly authorized LeverEdge dealer.