Experience the Luxury of

Fresh Air

In the Comfort of Your Own Home


Natural Whole-Home Air Purifcation System

Is a revolutionary breakthrough in whole-home air treatment. Safely and effectively combining ultraviolet energy and ultraviolet ozone, Qualitair cleans your home’s air just as nature cleanses outdoor air.

Improve the Quality of Indoor Air with Qualitair

Did you know experts say that indoor air can be 2-5 times more unhealthy than the worst outdoor air?

Controls Indoor Odors

Ozone controls odors such as cigarette smoke, cooking, and pet odors. Homeowners are amazed at how fresh their home smells after installing Qualitair. If you’ve ever worried about how your home smells to guests, Qualitair can handle it.

Optimum Safety & Efficiency

The Qualitair system is installed in your main duct, and is designed to treat the air for your whole home, not just one room. Prior to entering the living space, the ozone reverts back to oxygen, leaving clean, fresh air in your home. It improves the condition of air in the same way nature treats outdoor air. Ask any customer!

Approved Laboratory Testing

In an independent laboratory study, Qualitair was found to reduce the survival of Serratia Marcescens bacteria in the air duct by up to 100%. The study also concluded that there were no detectable levels of ozone in the living space. The maximum ozone output of Qualitair is below the OSHA/EPA regulations for ozone levels in air.

System Benefits

  • Treats the air for your whole-home, not just one room.
  • Invisible and silent protection.
  • Reliable, low-maintenance design – simple replacement of the ultraviolet and ozone bulbs once every two years.
  • Efficient, safe operation – uses less power than a 60 watt light bulb; the unit operates on safe, low voltage AC power.
  • Unlike other air purifiers, Qualitair puts no ozone in the living area of your home, it’s all consumed in the duct work, leaving pure oxygen as its by-product.
  • Freshens recirculated air while cooling or heating all year round.
  • A great addition to air filters and humidifiers.

Combining Ozone and Ultraviolet Technologies

Qualitair is a unique, self-contained air system that reduces harmful contaminants and odors found in most home or small business air circulation systems.

Qualitair purifies home air just like nature does. Both UV light and Ozone are well-proven air cleaners, working even better together.

Ultraviolet light is continuously produced, and ozone is automatically created when air is flowing through your heating/ventilation system.

Ozone removes common household odors like smoke, cooking, pets and others. Qualitair leaves your home with the freshness of outdoor air.

Breakthrough Technology Providing Superior Indoor Air Quality