Dealing with Degrading Water Infrastructure

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Of all of the problems that the United States has to contend with, one of the more surprising of them might be the country’s aging water treatment and transmission infrastructure. One reputable source for information on this topic is the American Society of Civil Engineers, which has recently released a shocking statistic: every year, we lose more than 6 billion gallons of treated water simply because of mechanical infrastructure failures that cause leaks and spills. In many cases, these failures can be directly attributed to water treatment and transmission systems that are simply too old to do the job they were initially meant to do.

Over time, the material used in the composition of water pipes can degrade due to corrosion and lack of maintenance. The result of such degradation can be truly dangerous – in 2014, the Westwood area of Los Angeles experienced a water main explosion that seriously damaged at least five buildings and much of the surrounding land. So, not only did the water infrastructure itself need to be diagnosed and repaired, but insurance claims had to be settled for the secondary damage done to private property.

There is also the threat of contaminated water. You have probably heard of the water treatment debacle that is still being dealt with in the city of Flint, Michigan, where a key water treatment chemical never made its way into the water system, resulting in thousands of Flint residents having to deal with lead poisoning. Why did this contamination happen? There are two main reasons: one, there was a switch to a water supply that came from a new source – the Flint River. Water from this supply had a different chemical makeup compared to the supply before the switch, which was the Detroit River. Two, there were corroded transmission pipes that added to the contamination. The resulting effect is now costing millions to rectify.

There are things you can do as a consumer or business owner to help protect yourself from possible water contamination issues related to aging water infrastructure. The professionals at The LeverEdge can help identify areas where you could benefit most from the addition of water treatment systems like conditioners, softeners, and filters. To find out how you can begin reaping the benefits of cleaner, purer, better-tasting water, contact us today.

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