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(VIDEO) Top 5 Water Dealer Frustrations – Number 3

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Top 5 Water Dealer Frustrations – Number 3 – Can’t Step Away From Your Company
(Video transcript included below.)


Matt Millar: Welcome. My name is Matt Millar, Dealer Development with The LeverEdge.


Mark Schabes: And my name is Mark Schabes. I’m the General Sales Manager here.


Matt Millar: What we’re talking about are the Top 5 Dealer Frustrations in the water treatment industry. Today is Number 3.


Mark Schabes: Number 3 – You Can’t Step Away From Your Company – you can’t take any kind of break without things going wrong. Unfortunately, this frustration is far too common in the water treatment business where the owner is the operator too,  wearing too many hats within the company. And if he or she tries to step out of that business for even more than a few days then the whole thing starts to sort of collapse.


Matt Millar: Right. And if YOU are the secret sauce then taking a vacation is probably the least of your challenges, because if you can’t be removed from your company, the company can’t run on its own, and the company isn’t worth anything if you leave. So that means you have no exit strategy and the company will have little to no value to any buyer without the actual owner-operator in place. So, assuming you didn’t start a company to have several full-time jobs with no time off and no business to retire on, then changing course is a must.


Mark Schabes: That’s exactly right. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We actually hear it all the time. Water treatment companies are notorious for slow growth, soft profits which put the owners in a position where they have to wear many hats in order to keep profits and the company well enough to keep things going. But the good news is there is a way out. The LeverEdge has a simple, proven process that can systematically break this cycle, freeing the business owners up to first just take a vacation and then secondly to actually build their company in a way that it can run on its own without the business owner even being in there. Which ultimately sets them up for a great retirement or an exit strategy to be able to get out of the business one day, if that’s your goal.


Matt Millar: Now LeverEdge dealers not only can take a vacation from their existing business, but we provide them with a  dream vacation every year that they can’t wait to enjoy. It’s in our DNA.


Mark Schabes: It absolutely is. We take a break with our dealers in some of the most beautiful places all around the world, every single year. So if you want to take a break with us, just message us and let’s start a dialogue and we’ll talk to you guys about what it is we can do to help you get out of that rut.


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