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(VIDEO) How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 3 – Add BlackCat® Cation Resin

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How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 3 – Add BlackCat® Cation Resin
(Video transcript included below.)


Now that we’ve finished adding our underbedding–and in this case, that was garnet–we’re going to reset the scale and add the BlackCat® cation resin.

Keep this resin in a sealed container. The reason you want to keep it in a closed and sealed container is because there is moisture in the resin beads and you want to prevent them from drying out.

Also, because the resin contains moisture you’ll want to add the media a little bit at a time so it doesn’t clump up and clog the funnel. Keep an eye on the distributor to make sure it stays in the center and continue to work the funnel so all the media goes down.

When you’ve finished adding the BlackCat® cation resin, be certain to close the container to keep the moisture in.


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