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(VIDEO) How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 2 – Weigh Tank and Add Garnet

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How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 2 – Weigh Tank and Add Garnet
(Video transcript included below.)


Put the tank on the scale. Zero out or “tare” the scale.

Distributor cap–you must make sure that you put a cap on the distributor so that you don’t fill up the distributor with media. If you don’t do this and you get any media at all down inside the distributor, it will go into the valve and clog the valve. Then you’ll have an issue and you’d obviously need to take apart the whole valve. So always make sure you put your distributor cap on and then the funnel.

We have building materials for this specific system. Each system has its own materials. Please make sure that you follow them entirely and that way you can be sure that the system is built correctly.

For this one, garnet is first. The rock always goes first on the bottom. We’ve got a scooper. When you pour it into the funnel, try to go around the funnel so that it’s as evenly distributed in the bottom of the tank as possible. Just work your way slowly around. If you get any rock stuck in the funnel as you go along, clear it out. Continue until you reach your desired weight.

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