The Effects of Unconditioned Water

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If you’ve been considering ways to improve water quality, it’s likely you’ve come across the terms ‘water conditioning’ or ‘water treatment’.

Because it may not be immediately clear what sort of water treatment is actually needed for your water, the water quality professionals at The LeverEdge are here to help by bringing you a detailed explanation of why water treatment is so important, what happens when untreated water is used over time, and what products The LeverEdge has to offer that provide you with the best water possible.

Defining Our Terms

So, what is water conditioning? In the simplest terms, water conditioning is the treatment of water to modify, enhance, or improve its quality.

It seems straightforward, right?

Two principal methods used to treat water are water filtration and water softening.

Water softening is the process of removing hardness (calcium and magnesium) from water, making use of a specialized technology called ion exchange.  Water softening is utilized as water enters the home and helps to reduce scale build-up on appliances and fixtures, improve efficiency of water heaters, improve brightness of laundry, and save on home soap usage.

Conversely, water filtration involves the use of filtration medias like activated carbon to improve the taste, odor, and quality of drinking water. Activated carbon filters are also included in reverse osmosis (RO) systems to help reduce additional contaminants and other unwanted substances from water. This type of water filtration is typically focused on water for drinking and cooking purposes but can also be used for the whole house, as needed.

Typically a combination of water treatment methods provides a home or workplace with consistent high-quality water that looks, feels, and tastes great.

The Cost of Untreated Water Use

What happens when water is left untreated?

You might be living or working in an environment that is negatively affected by untreated water, and you may not even know it.

When untreated water is used over time, these symptoms can surface:

  • Chemical residues begin to appear on surfaces, especially in bathroom and kitchen areas
  • Crystal or other glassware show signs of spotting
  • Water begins to taste strange or have a foul smell
  • Cooking and cleaning is less efficient, due to hard water that doesn’t mix well
  • Linens and fabrics can become stiff or weathered due to mineralization
  • Unwanted contaminants present in the water may pose health concerns

Thankfully, The LeverEdge provides comprehensive water treatment solutions that utilize water softening and water filtration to provide you with user-friendly water that is great tasting and safe.

You don’t have to live with untreated water…there is a better way!

To learn more about the water quality solution that is best for you, contact us today.

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