Safe Drinking Water at Home During a Crisis

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We are currently in a time that has challenged the way we live, questioned the things we do, and flipped our world upside down. Stores have reduced hours, limited the amount of people inside, and are short on essential supplies like paper products, disinfectants, and bottled water. Stay at home orders have been put in place to limit contact with others and limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We still need food, water, and other supplies to keep living but the health rules and changes have made this a difficult task. How do we limit our exposure to others but still get the supplies we need?

One way to follow stay at home orders and avoid the public runs on essential supplies is to have safe reliable drinking water right at home. Did you know many Americans don’t drink the water at their homes and pay for bottled water or publicly available drinking water jug fillers found in stores and around town? This is one way to achieve safe drinking water, but in our nation’s current situation there are concerns about contact with others, contaminated or compromised surfaces, and whether stores will have what you need in stock.

The LeverEdge manufactures drinking water systems and distributes wholesale to professional water dealers who provide expert in-home application, installation, and servicing. These systems are available for your home to provide additional protection on the water your family uses for cooking and drinking. Not only does this water taste great, it is free of harmful contaminants, it eliminates the need for wasteful plastic bottles/jugs, and allows you to have better-than-bottled-water quality drinking water without having to leave your home.

We all need water, so contact the water treatment professionals at The LeverEdge for a referral to a dealer near you to find out how you can get clean, safe drinking water in your home today!

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