Solar for Your Water, Pool, or Electricity – Which Is Right for You?

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Solar power is for more than just electricity.

Did you know that not all solar is the same? When most people think about solar power, they think about solar panels that generate electricity. While that is an excellent option, it isn’t the only one. You could get panels that heat your home’s water or your pool instead of – or in addition to – traditional solar panels.

Which type of solar power is best for your home and needs? Read on to find out!

Solar Water Heaters

While regular solar panels can create electricity to power a water heater, it’s much more efficient to heat the water directly from the sun with a solar water heater.

Solar water heaters send water from one part of the tank to special solar collectors on your roof, where the sun’s rays heat the water directly. Then, the water is returned to a different section of the tank nice and hot. The tank keeps the water hot, so it works even at night.

If it’s cloudy for a few days, your solar water heater also has a backup electric pump, so you’re never without hot water.

Solar Pool Heating

If you don’t have a pool heater, your swimming is limited to the warmest months of the year. If you do have a pool heater, it could be adding significantly to your electric bill. Solar pool heaters heat your pool’s water for free using the sun’s energy.

Like solar water heaters, solar pool heaters send cold water up to special solar collectors on your roof, where the sun’s rays heat the water directly. Then, the hot water is returned to your pool. Solar pool heaters can raise your pool’s temperature by 10-15 degrees without adding anything to your electric bill.

If you live in an especially hot climate, solar pool heaters can also work in reverse, bringing hot water up to the panels to cool it at night so your pool water is more refreshing the next day.

Traditional Solar Panels

When most people think about residential solar, they think about traditional photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. They harness the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity, reducing or even eliminating your electric bill.

Solar panels require the largest up-front investment, and many factors determine how much energy you can get from them, including how big your roof is (a bigger roof equals more panels which can create more electricity), how much sun your part of the country gets, and whether you have a bunch of branches overhanging your roof, blocking the sun’s rays from reaching the panels.

However, there are still many local and federal tax incentives to reduce the cost of solar panels, and they can provide the best ROI depending on your energy usage.

Bonus – Solar Attic Fans

Looking for a small way to get started with solar? Solar attic fans can cool your attic by as much as 40 degrees without adding a penny to your electric bill. Benefits of solar attic fans include:

  • Extend the life of your roof by reducing heat build-up on your shingles and roof underlayment.
  • Increase fresh air circulation to prevent mildew, mold, and fungus from forming on attic surfaces.
  • Reduce the load on your A/C and extend its lifespan by lowering the attic temperature and pulling heat out of your home.
  • Reduce moisture build-up that causes soggy insulation, rust, wood rot, and damage to items stored in the attic.
  • Prevent ice damming that can damage your eves and gutters by circulating the air in your attic, reducing hot spots.

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