Now that Summer’s Here, Let’s Talk about Attic Venting

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Very few home and business owners know that built-up heat in an attic can literally ruin a building. It’s true! If left untreated, ‘hot spots’ within the airspace of an attic can significantly contribute to premature breakdown of core building components, including wood, metal, and even masonry. What’s more, keeping a home or commercial building cool in the summertime is much more difficult when the air in the attic isn’t circulated appropriately.


Now that we’re in the thick of summer, we thought we’d remind you of the benefits that come with installing a high-quality solar attic fan, like the Venti Solar Attic Fan available from The LeverEdge. Few people realize just how easy it is to have a solar attic fan installed, and how little downtime, if any, is required. Depending on the size and dimensions of your attic, you could have a cooler, more energy-efficient attic in a matter of hours, not days.


The hotter months of the year spell trouble for many homes and buildings that don’t have adequate attic air circulation. The problems caused by uncirculated hot air may take multiple years to surface, but when they do, the costs involved in repairing or correcting them can easily reach into the multiple thousands of dollars.


One of the biggest reasons many people aren’t aware of the accessibility of solar-powered attic fans is because they’ve never been told they need one (or two, or three as the case may be).


Only after having an on-site assessment conducted by a qualified attic venting professional can you truly arrive at an understanding of just how beneficial a solar-powered attic fan can be. Part of this assessment involves finding the ideal location for a solar attic fan, and determining what next steps are required for installation. We can help with scheduling the assessment, ordering all of the parts for you, providing an installation solution, and much more!


At The LeverEdge, we’re passionate about improving the homes and lives of our customers – contact us today to learn more about how a Venti Solar Attic Fan from The LeverEdge can help to protect your home from premature breakdown and reduce energy costs.

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