What is Hard Water and Why Is It a Problem

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We all know that hard water is not a good thing, but do you know just how harmful hard water is? Aside from staining your bath taps and showerhead with progressive limescale build-up, your skin can become drier, due to the soap residue left after washing.

Where does hard water actually come from? Hard water occurs when naturally soft rainwater passes through limestone underground on its way to reservoirs. Certain mineral compounds such as calcium and magnesium dissolve into the water, and the presence of the ions within water hardens it.

There are many issues with hard water being present in our water supply. When hard water is present, the high influx of minerals prevents a solution from forming that can break down detergents and shampoos. More products are required to create a lather suitable enough to wash your body, linens, or household surfaces. Simply put….more product equals more money spent!

Research has shown that hard water can trigger dermatological problems with your skin such as eczema and contact-irritant dermatitis, and it can even be a cause of acne-prone complexions.

On your appliances within the home, lime scale tends to form when water is heating and cooled, leaving deposits of calcium, a chalk-like substance, on items such as washing machines and faucets. This hard water puts unnecessary strain on the workings of your machinery, which may cause further issues down the line despite regular servicing and maintenance schedules being followed.

How can you tell if hard water is already present in your home? There are usually tell-tale signs, such as stiff bed linens and clothes after washing, or chlorine and iron tastes in tap water. The most obvious sign is mineral deposits on bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures.

How do you combat this aggressive and costly problem?

Simply put, you cannot change the process that leads to limescale and hard water being present, but you can take preventative measures that will ensure you have clean sparkling glassware fresh out of the dishwasher, not to mention soft clothes and healthy skin.


The LeverEdge has many solutions to the above problems, some of these including water softeners, filters, and home drinking water systems to name just a few.

Softened water, for example, works by passing the incoming hard water through a sealed unit container that breaks down the additives in the water, and removes any ions that create hard water. Most people who have a water conditioner would attest that washing and bathing in scum free water is enough. However, a water conditioner fulfills many additional functions and can provide substantial savings.

The long-term benefits are the increased life of appliances, protection of taps, bathroom suites, your boiler etc., not to mention the daily savings on household bills by reducing product consumption by up to 50%! Click the contact us button at the top of the page and speak to one of our dedicated solar specialists for further details.

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