What is CDMA-Enabled Inverter Monitoring?

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For solar-derived electricity to be usable by the grid (or the home, or the industrial facility, etc.), it needs to be in the format of Alternating Current, or AC, power.

However, all PV solar panels natively produce electricity that is in the Direct Current, or DC, format.

To resolve this, power inverters are used to convert DC to AC power. This makes inverters a crucial element in the solar power equation.

Inverters are so important, in fact, that their performance and operating health need to be monitored to ensure that the overall system is functioning optimally. But, what happens if there isn’t an easy way to get the inverter monitoring data from the inverter, due to lack of internet access?

This is where CDMA-enabled inverter monitoring is so beneficial.

How It Works

Solar Edge Cellular CDMA kits for solar inverters connect inverters directly to the internet via a hardwired connection between the inverter itself and a wireless transmission module that is connected to the local CDMA network.

This eliminates the need for internet infrastructure on-site. So, for ‘off-grid’ applications and other remote sites, solar inverter monitoring can be achieved reliably and consistently.

Solar Edge Cellular CDMA kits are designed to enable remote analysis and troubleshooting so that inverter failures can be detected as soon as they happen, if not before. This reduces the downtime of the solar system overall, and it provides enhanced efficiency over the lifetime of the inverters.

And, with the inclusion of the Solar Edge Portal, real-time inverter condition monitoring is delivered to a clean, easy-to-read dashboard that is updated as often as every four hours (with a 15-minute data sampling rate).

This equipment also designed to operate in especially harsh environments. The electronics, wiring, and housing are rated to operate from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius, and are installed within the inverter housing for outdoor resilience.

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