Save Money – and the Environment – with a Solar Water Heater

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Baths are more relaxing when you know the water has been heated by the sun rather than fossil fuels.

Did you know that an electric water heater for a typical family of four uses as much energy as a vehicle that gets 20 mpg and drives 12,000 miles per year? Both consume about 11 barrels of oil each year.

Solar water heaters get most of their energy from the sun rather than fossil fuels, meaning you save the environment while also reducing your electric bills. Let’s take a closer look at solar water heaters and why now is the time to invest in one.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

Here are some of the amazing benefits of solar water heaters.

Reduces Your Electric Bill

Up to 20% of the average home’s electric bill is for the water heater. A solar water heater uses 80-90% less electricity than a standard water heater, which can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Helps the Environment

Since most of the water is heated by the sun, solar water heaters use less electricity. Because most electricity is still powered by fossil fuels, solar water heaters are much better for the environment than traditional water heaters.

Low Maintenance

Solar water heaters don’t have any moving parts, so they aren’t prone to breaking and require little to no maintenance. In fact, many solar water heaters are protected by a limited warranty that lasts as long as you own your home.

Tax Benefits

Solar energy is so valuable right now that the federal government and many states are offering tax incentives and rebates. Who wouldn’t want the chance to save money on taxes?

How Do Solar Water Heaters Work?

Solar water heaters use intelligent automation to draw water up to the solar panel while the sun is shining. The sun heats up the water, which is then returned to your storage tank. When the sun isn’t shining, water is prevented from going up into the solar panels.

No sun? No problem! Solar water heaters use a backup source of electricity, so you can enjoy hot water even if it’s cloudy for a few days.

Are Solar Water Heaters Worth the Investment?

Yes! Solar water heaters are one of the lowest-cost ways to add solar energy to your home, and you start to see the savings on your electric bill right away. If you live in a place that’s really sunny and use a lot of hot water, a solar water heater could pay for itself fairly quickly.

Learn More Now!

LeverEdge has several different models of solar water heaters to choose from. Contact us today and talk to one of our experts to find out which model will be best for you.

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