Product Spotlight: The iSwim Pool Heating System

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There are many ways to take advantage of the thermal energy emitted by the sun. On a residential level, home water heating and swimming pool heating are two of the most common methods. One of the most logical and easy-to-use systems for solar pool heating on the market today is the iSwim pool heating system available from The LeverEdge.


Today, we’re going to have a closer look at what makes the iSwim system truly revolutionary for homeowners who want to tackle the challenge of keeping their swimming pools at an ideal temperature year-round.


How the iSwim System Works


As part of the iSwim solar pool heating system, thermal solar arrays (3, below) are installed on the roof of residential buildings. These solar arrays carry water through small, transparent tubes that allow the heat from the sun to warm the water. As warmer water is needed for the swimming pool, a diverter pump (2, below)  is activated automatically via a controller (1, below), sending cooler water to the arrays and warmer water into the pool.  

The iSwim pool heating system


This process works according to presets that are determined by the owner, and there is no manual operation required. Just set the desired pool temperature and let the iSwim pool heating system do the rest!


The company behind the iSwim system is Solar Hydronics Corporation, a division of The LeverEdge, a 100% employee-owned company. SHC has been manufacturing reliable pool heating systems for over three decades, and their products are manufactured in Odessa, Florida.

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