Are You Still Using Chlorine in Your Pool? Make the Switch to Salt!

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A salt chlorine generator is a gentler way to chlorinate your pool.

Are you tired of stinging eyes, bleached-out swimsuits, and constantly having to monitor the pH levels in your pool? There’s a better way to chlorinate your pool than using harsh chlorine products. With a salt chlorine generator, you add a special salt to your pool rather than concentrated chlorine. Read on for more reasons you should switch to a salt chlorine generator!

What Is a Salt Chlorine Generator?

Salt chlorination systems convert salt into chlorine gas, which is more potent and effective in lower amounts than other forms of chlorine. Rather than adding liquid, powdered, or tablet forms of chlorine to your pool, you add a specific type of salt. The salt chlorine generator uses an ion exchange cell to convert the salt into chlorine gas and adds that to your pool water.

Is saltwater unpleasant? Not at all! Salt pools are 1/10 as salty as the ocean and not nearly as corrosive as chlorine. Ditch the harsh chemicals, worn-out swimsuits, and stinging eyes and switch to salt chlorination, instead.

Benefits of Salt Chlorination

Salt chlorine generators have a number of benefits, including:

  • Comfort. Salt chlorination is gentler on your skin, hair, clothing, and pool equipment than traditional forms of pool chlorine.
  • Cost savings. Salt chlorination costs about half as much as traditional methods of pool chlorination, saving you money every year.
  • Convenience. Salt is more convenient and safer to buy, store, and use than tablet, powdered, or liquid forms of chlorine.

More Pool Upgrades to Consider

Are you looking for more ways to make your pool warmer, more cost-efficient, or just overall better? You might consider these upgrades in addition to a salt chlorine generator:

  • Solar pool heater. As long as your roof gets enough sun, a solar pool heater can raise the temperature of your pool by 10-15 degrees without using any electricity.
  • Pool heat pump. Want to swim year-round? Add a pool heat pump that can even work when it’s below freezing outside. Many pool heat pumps can also cool your water on the hottest days of summer.
  • Energy-efficient variable speed pool pumps. No matter how many pool elements or gadgets you have, a variable speed pump is more cost-effective than a single- or two-speed pool pump, saving you money on your electric bill each month.

Learn More About Salt Chlorine Generators Today

When you’re ready to learn more about the salt chlorine generators offered by The LeverEdge, click here or call 813-403-5100 to speak to one of our experts. They’ll help you choose the right system for your pool.

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