What is Webconnect and How Does It Work?

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Inverter technology has come a long way. Twenty years ago, it would have taken a massive feat of dozens of of the most talented engineers alive in order to come up with an inverter that could be used in the way that inverters are used today on a grand scale. One of the most notable features of today’s inverters is their ability to be intelligent and to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is a fairly new term that is used to describe the massive network of ‘intelligent’ automation hardware that is interconnected to control and monitoring systems. One example of such a system is SMA’s Webconnect and Sunny Portal, available now from The LeverEdge.


So what exactly is Webconnect and how does it work? Simply put, the SMA inverter system that is installed as part of an overall solar power generation system allows the owner to view system health in real time using a mobile device or any other device that is connected to the same local area network – or even via the internet! Imagine being able to log in to Webconnect from across the globe, and seeing the inverter status of your solar panel system from thousands of miles away. Webconnect makes this possible, and the Sunny Portal is the SMA solution for user-friendly online monitoring of mission-critical system hardware.


Have a look at the system design scheme shown here. You can see where all of the hardware sits physically and how it is all connected. Because the system is completely self-contained and transparent, you are made aware of any inverter issues the moment there’s a problem, so you can take the necessary actions to remedy it. This ends up saving time and money, and it keeps your entire solar power generation system operating with the greatest amount of uptime possible. Lastly, because SMA is a world leader in inverter manufacturing and support, you know you have top-tier customer service and a resource for answers to any questions you might have about how the system works.


Curious about how Webconnect and Sunny Portal might be useful in your own home or business? Contact The LeverEdge and inquire about solar PV including integrated Webconnect and Sunny Portal. Your cost savings start on Day One of commissioning, and we stay with you every step of the way to ensure that all of your needs are met. Contact us today for a free quote – we are standing by.

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