Hard Water Problems


Unsightly rings around the bathtub and soap scum tiles are a result of soap reacting with hard water. This messy substance adds hours of extra housework and requires harsh, expensive, and often toxic cleaners.


Hard water can squander money spent on cleaning products. Soaps and detergents must overcome water hardness. Using too much is wasteful and expensive. Too little results in dingy, unclean washes.


Hard water resists clean rinse of clothes. Build-up of detergent attracts stains and weakens fabrics, causing clothes to wear out faster. Hard water reduces the life of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and other household appliances.


Hard water soap curd clogs pores, dries skin, and leaves dull deposits on your hair, rendering it flat and lifeless. Hard water contributes to razor drag, which irritates and dries your skin.