Nuvis Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The Nuvis Reverse Osmosis System has Five HIGH PERFORMANCE Filtration Stages

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    Stage 1

    5-Micron Sediment Filter – Protects the automatic shut-off from clogging by removing microscopic debris.

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    Stage 2

    Granular Activated Carbon Block Filter – Extended-contact Granular Activated Carbon further enhances your water by reducing odor and bod taste-causing elements like chlorine and chloromines.

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    Stage 3

    Reverse Osmosis Chamber – This is the heart of the system. Particles too small to be trapped by the prefilters ore removed by the composite membrane, further reducing contaminants.

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    Stage 4

    Polishing Filter – Removes any remaining tastes and odors, leaving a clean, fresh taste to the water.

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    Stage 5

    pH Stabilizer and Alkalinity-Adding Filter – Coconut shell carbon and finely crushed calcite (CaCO3 ) increases alkalinity while adding beneficial calcium to the water, providing a healthy, stabilized pH.