No matter what your water conditioning needs, the 200 Series featuring components by GE is the water treatment system for you. Why? Because the 200 Series is built using only quality controls and tanks to treat even the most challenging water problems. The 200 Series is sold exclusively by GE Branded Program Dealers, and is installed and serviced by highly skilled water professionals.

Affordability without Compromise

Overall affordability is just as important to us as is the quality of our products. Further, we believe that every one should enjoy the benefits of conditioned water. To that end, we are proud to make the 200 Series a professionally installed conditioning system, at a family friendly price.

Flexibility is a Hallmark of the 200 Series

An authorized water conditioning professional, familiar with the water quality in your area, will properly test your water, and recommend a solution to solve your specific water challenges. This type of hands-on knowledge leads not only to peace of mind and satisfied customers, but also to support of community owned businesses.

Because the 200 Series features GE components, you can trust that it will last for years to come. Best of all, your 200 Series is protected by an industry leading, Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Conditioning your water before it enters your home provides many benefits. By removing chlorine and hardness minerals you will enjoy:

  • Silky, more manageable hair
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Sparkling clean dishes
  • Cleaner, softer clothes that retain their color
  • Easier cleaning of sinks, showers and fixtures
  • Water using appliances that longer and work more efficiently

All this at an affordable, family friendly price.