Reverse Osmosis is the final step in producing purified drinking water.

The Pro Elite reverse osmosis (RO) system offers an additional level of improvement to your water when used in conjunction with the Pro Elite household water conditioning system. In fact, Pro Elite uses the same cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology as the two largest bottled water manufacturers in the United States, just on a smaller scale. The Pro Elite RO fits under your kitchen sink, operating quietly and automatically – 24/7.

With Pro Elite, you can be certain you’ll always have fresh, clean, purified drinking water at your fingertips.

Pro Elite filters your water at a molecular level by directing pressurized water through a series of filters and forcing it through microscopic holes within the semipermeable RO membrane.

Some of the Benefits a Pro Elite RO Provides

  • Reduces up to 93% total dissolved solids from your drinking water.* (Actual test results are 93.8%)
  • Vegetables cooked in RO water retain their color and nutrients
  • Purified** water for aquariums prolongs life and reduces cleaning cycles
  • Reverse Osmosis improves the taste of coffee, tea, juice and other water-based drinks.
  • End your family’s reliance on expensive bottled water.
  • Enjoy incredibly clear, fresh-tasting ice cubes.

Manifold Technology

Form meets function with Pro Elite’s RO’s patented high-tech manifold, which internally directs the flow of water through each filtration phase. The design simplifies as it enhances by eliminating the need for individual external connections between filtration stages.

Compact, Worry-Free Design

Your Pro Elite RO automatically turns off when the storage tank has been replenished, and its space-saving design is ideal for under-the-sink installations.

Maximum Water Production

With its high-performance Thin Film Composite membrane, Pro Elite RO’s filtration cycle can keep up with your household’s demand, providing an almost limitless supply of clean, crisp drinking water.

Hermetically Sealed Filters

Filters for the Pro Elite RO come hermetically sealed inside their housings. Because the filter never comes into contact with any potential bacteria source, filter changes are always sanitary.

Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction of the claims specified on the Performance Data Sheet. *For specific system production rates, refer to the Pro Elite Drinking Water System Model RO-450 Performance Data Sheet. **Purified is defined as water quality that has been substantially improved beyond its original state.