Solar Myths

FACT: A properly sized solar pool heater can raise your pool temperature 10-15 degrees above its non-heated temperature. Your solar collector array should be at least half the total square footage of your pool surface area. This means if you own a pool with a surface area of 400 square feet, you will need a minimum of five 4′ x 10′ solar collectors. (Sizing varies based on geographic location & performance demand.)
FACT: A solar pool heater uses no additional electricity to operate. Solar pool heaters connect into your existing plumbing lines and work simply by diverting pool water from the existing pool pump, through the solar collectors, and back to the pool. They heat the water using only free energy from the sun. By using solar pool collectors, you’ll not only enjoy your comfortably warm pool more often, you’ll also feel good that you are heating it with 100% renewable energy.
FACT: The up front investment of a solar pool heater can, on occasion, be higher than conventional heaters. However, the total cost of ownership during the life expectancy of the system makes solar by far the most affordable of all pool heating choices. Solar pool heaters accrue no monthly operational fuel bill, unlike gas or electric heaters and they require little to no maintenance. Solar pool heaters also tend to last much longer than gas or electric pool heaters.
FACT: While it is true that solar provides a more gradual rise in water temperature when compared to some conventional heaters, most homeowners don’t see this as a disadvantage. Why? Because unlike gas or electric heaters that you only turn on a day or so before you use your pool, a solar pool heater is always on. It automatically maintains the perfect water temperature, so your pool is always ready to enjoy.