How it Works

All you do is set the pool temperature and let the SUN do the rest!

  1. When the automatic controller senses that your pool is colder than you prefer, water is diverted from your existing pool pump to your solar system.
  2. As the water flows through the solar collectors, the sun’s free energy heats it.
  3. The heated water then flows back to your pool.
  4. This simple yet highly efficient cycle continues until your desired pool temperature is reached.
  5. You can also cool your pool during the warmer months by running your SHC system at night. That’s right! Your controller can automatically switch to cooling your pool, maintaining the perfect temperature.

Hybrid Swimming Pool Heating System

A Hybrid Solar Pool Heating system gives you the best of both worlds. It uses the solar system as the main source of heat and a gas heater or heat pump as a backup heater. The backup heater is only used when available solar energy is limited due to weather conditions.

The operation is very simple; the pool water is pre-heated by the solar collectors before it goes through the backup heater. This type heating system ensures that you have a warm swimming pool no matter the time of year or weather conditions.