When Is It Time to Buy a Water Conditioner?

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We get it: water conditioners are not necessarily on the top of everyone’s Christmas wish list. In fact, you may not have even thought about getting one until you read the title of this post.

The reality is that water conditioners can significantly increase the quality of your life in ways that you may not have thought about. In today’s post, we’re exploring the question of when the timing might be right for you to buy a water conditioner for your home or business.

Factors that Impact the Purchase Decision

Before we consider the timing of purchasing a water conditioner, let’s talk about what one actually is. Simply put, a water conditioner is a specialized piece of equipment that improves the quality of water in some way. This could mean improving the taste, the pH balance, or the amount of minerals contained within it.

To accomplish this, water conditioners will use one or more of the following technologies:

  • Filters. Embedded filters do a great job of removing fine, particulate material from water. Some may need to be replaced every few months, whereas others can last for a year or even longer.
  • Hydrolysis. Applying an electrical current to water is a process known as hydrolysis, and many water conditioners take advantage of this technology to remover harmful contamination.
  • Induced chemical reactions. Sometimes, the best way to improve the quality of water is to remove trace amounts of contaminants through the use of specialized chemical reactions.

    These are completely safe, and they’ve been a part of water conditioning systems for decades.

Now that we know more about what a water conditioner does to improve the quality of the water it processes, when might be the best time to buy one?

The answer to this question is this: it depends.

It depends on your budget, your current water treatment situation, and a few other factors that we can discuss when you contact the LeverEdge to learn more about the water conditioning systems we provide.

We think you’ll agree that there’s no better time to start enjoying cleaner, better-tasting water than right now.

So, to start a conversation with one of our expert water technicians, contact us today.

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