What’s So Great about the AquaRite Salt Chlorination System?

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When residential pools began cropping up throughout the country in the 1950s, there was really only one way to ensure their sanitization: chemical chlorine.

The process of keeping a pool clean required the constant, attentive addition of powdered or brick chlorine at regular intervals. To deal with this, pool owners often stored large quantities of chlorine in a utility closet, or hired pool maintenance professionals to do the routine for them.

Now, however, there’s a better way. Salt chlorination systems are by far the easiest and lowest-maintenance way to keep your pool’s water soft, clean, and swim-ready year-round.

So, how does it work? And, why is the AquaRite Salt Chlorination system from Hayward such a great example of this technology?

A Primer on Salt Chlorination

On its own, salt (technically called Sodium Chloride) has some mild cleaning ability, and it’s commonly used as a disinfectant.

However, when dissolved salt is presented with the right amount of electrical current, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the production of chlorine gas. Unlike dissolved salt, chlorine gas does an superior job of killing pathogens and safely ensuring the suitability of pool water for swimming.

This is, in essence, how modern salt chlorination systems work. Salt enters one side of the TurboCell, it’s converted into chlorine gas that is then introduced into the overall water volume of the pool.

What Makes AquaRite the ‘Right’ Choice

There are three reasons why the AquaRite system from Hayward is far-and-away one of the best salt chlorination systems on the planet. The reasons are comfort, convenience, and cost savings.


Silky, soft water that is perfectly chlorinated makes for the ideal swimming experience, every time.


Using advanced automation, the AquaRite system operates almost 100% independently, giving owners more time in the pool and less time worrying about how to maintain it.

Cost Savings

Compared to conventional chlorine, the AquaRite system saves pool owners as much as 50% on material costs.

With over one million units installed, it’s easy to see why pool owners around the country are singing the praises of the AquaRite Salt Chlorination system.

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