What’s Included in a LeverEdge Solar PV Kit?

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Have you been thinking about adding solar power to your home or commercial building?

If so, you should know about the solar PV kits that are available from the same company that provides outstanding water quality solutions: The LeverEdge!

With as much confusion as there can be surrounding solar power—what equipment to buy, how to make sure it all works together, etc.—The LeverEdge makes it easy by pre-configuring solar PV kits that include everything you need to tap into the power of renewable energy.

So, what exactly is in one of our solar PV kits? We’re diving into this subject by providing you with a full list of all of the components you’ll get.

The Bill of Materials

Every solar PV kit from The LeverEdge includes:

  1. High-performance, high-efficiency solar PV modules. We only use the industry’s highest-rated and most reputable solar panels from manufacturers like Q Cells and Mission Solar Energy.
  2. Solar power inverters matched to the output and voltage rating of the entire solar power system. Enphase, SMA, or SolarEdge inverters usually work best with other components in the kit.

    These inverters are required to convert direct-current (DC) energy from the solar panels into alternating-current (AC) energy that can be used by appliances and other electronic devices.
  3. Compatible racking system. The LeverEdge has partnered with three of the biggest names in solar panel racking systems: IronRidge, Quickmount PV, and Uni-Rac.

    Every one of our solar PV kits includes a mounting solution that is confirmed to work with the roof type on your home or commercial property.
  4. Wiring, wire guides, and cable ties. Down to every last wire and tie-off, you’ll have everything you need to confidently have your solar power system installed safely and effectively.
  5. Junction box. We recommend SolaDeck junction boxes with integrated flashing for seamless installation on most roofs.
  6. Signed and sealed engineer drawings including FSEC system certification. These documents are available as required by your local AHJ, HOA, or building department.

The best part about getting a solar PV kit from The LeverEdge is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that nothing is missing! It’s all in one shipment, ready to be unboxed and installed.

This streamlines the entire process and puts you on the path to energy independence sooner than later.

Are you interested in seeing a quote for the pre-configured solar PV kit that suits your needs? Head over to our contact page, enter some basic information, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to making your solar PV dreams a reality!

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