What Is “Water Refinement”?

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Water quality is kind of a big deal – a recent New York Times article examined the current state of drinking water in America and found a lot to be lacking. From Florida to Texas and from Michigan to Pennsylvania, both water quality and reports of substandard water are unacceptably low. This sets the stage for an involved discussion on the treatment of water so that it is certifiably safe to drink and to use in cooking, cleaning, and washing throughout our daily lives. As part of this discussion, the term ‘water refinement’ is often brought up. What exactly is water refinement, particularly in light of recent findings related to how poor our water can be if it’s not treated properly?


Simply put, refining water means removing what is unwanted and adding what is desirable. In the case of tap water in a residential home, for example, water refinement might be needed to achieve the desired pH level (pH is a measure of acidity that often accompanies measurements of water softness or hardness). For use in pools or spas, water refinement may include a chlorination or salination step before the ideal water condition is met. It all depends on how the water is going to be used (or consumed) and what the preferences are of the consumer of the water.


Some homes and businesses find it unacceptable to deal with hard water. Hard water can be remedied through the refinement process by ‘softening’ the water via electrolysis or other methods. Removing calcium, lime, and other mineral deposits from water makes room for detergents and cleaning solutions to be dissolved efficiently and effectively. The net result is a more efficient running home or business, with less time spent re-using cleaning agents and repeatedly having to eliminate unsightly limescale or calcium stains. Refinement equipment that is used for the treatment of water is often sophisticated enough to run automatically, without any user intervention or management.


With the right water refinement system, a home can be transformed from inefficient and outdated to streamlined and modern. The LeverEdge specializes in evaluating homes and businesses to determine what water refinement solutions may work best for them, after which a guaranteed quote at absolutely no cost is provided. To get the process started, contact us today. Our technicians are standing by ready to assist you with all of your water treatment needs.

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