Want the Best Water in the Neighborhood? Add These Features.

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A drinking water system and a water conditioning system can make your home’s water the envy of the neighborhood.

Does your tap water taste funky? Are you worried about microorganisms in your water? Are you tired of battling soap scum in your bathroom? Do you hate paying to heat your water? Whatever your water worries are, The LeverEdge has a solution for you. How many of these upgrades would improve your family’s life or monthly budget?

Drinking Water Systems

Have you been buying cases of water or relying on faucet or pitcher filters to get great-tasting water? There’s a better way! You can get tasty water right from your kitchen sink with a drinking water system.

Drinking water systems from The LeverEdge are convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly compared to other methods of providing clean water for your family.

Water Filters and Sterilizers

Drinking water systems are meant to be used in conjunction with water filters; they aren’t a replacement for a high-quality filter. We have excellent water filters to choose from as well as UV sterilizers to kill any pathogens that may be lurking in your water. Whether you use well water or you don’t trust the municipal water supply, an inline water filter is a must-have item.

Water Conditioners

Do your glasses come out of the dishwasher covered in spots? Do you have excessive amounts of soap scum in your bathroom? Do your family’s clothes seem to be wearing out more quickly than you might expect? You may have hard water.

In fact, 90% of American homes have hard water, which is too high in calcium and magnesium. A water softening system, also known as a water conditioning system, converts magnesium and calcium ions into “softer” sodium ions.

Solar Water Heaters

If you have a traditional water heater, it’s responsible for about 20% of your utility bill each month. What if you could cut that 20% down by 90%? Solar water heaters use the power of the sun to heat your water rather than gas or electricity and use up to 90% less energy than regular water heaters. You’ll never run out of hot water with a solar water heater – they have an electric heating element that kicks in at night or when it’s cloudy.

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If one or more of these products sound like they would improve your home, give us a call at 813-403-5100 or click here today to talk to one of our experts. They’ll help you choose exactly the right upgrades for your home and your needs.

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