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(VIDEO) How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 6 – Inspect O-rings and Reinstall Valve

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How to Rebed a Mineral Tank – Step 6 – Inspect O-rings and Reinstall Valve
(Video transcript included below.)


Now that you have the tank jacket back on the mineral tank, you can reinstall the control valve. Before doing so, make sure that the O-rings are lubricated.

Use a small screwdriver to get in between the seat and the O-ring and pop it off. Visually inspect it and feel to make sure that there are no cuts or nicks on the O-ring. Gently work your way around it to make sure everything is good. This one’s good.

Use a small amount of lubrication on opposite sides of the O-ring, and spread it evenly to create a shiny layer all around to help everything seat and seal nicely.

Then, inside the valve is the pilot O-ring. We use a little brush for this to reach down inside the valve and spread a layer of lubrication on the pilot O-ring to enable fitting the distributor easily and to seal it properly.

When we were putting our media into the tank we made sure the distributor was centered. This is where that’s going to help to ensure sure that everything goes together nice and smoothly.

As we set the valve on, the distributor fits inside the valve. As we set it in, the valve will stop at a certain point. Don’t force it. Just keep moving it around until it seats down into the O-ring.

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