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(VIDEO) Drinking Water System Installation – Step 7 – Sanitize the Holding Tank

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Drinking Water System Installation – Step 7 –  Sanitize the Holding Tank
(Video transcript included below.)


Hi. I’m Joe McCusker. We’re here at The LeverEdge in Odessa, Florida and we’re going to show you how to install a drinking water system.


Step 7 – Sanitize the Holding Tank


Turn off the feed valve. Open dispensing faucet to relieve pressure. Verify holding tank is in the “Off” position.


Remove locking clip from fitting at the holding tank. Trim tubing.


NOTE: Whenever a line is disconnected, the tubing should be trimmed to prevent a possible leak.


Add 50 drops, or one teaspoon, of unscented household bleach. Reconnect tubing to holding tank T.


Close the dispensing faucet.


Slowly open the feed valve. Inspect tubing for leaks and repair, if needed.


Open the holding tank valve.


Allow sanitizer to sit in the tank for a minimum of 15 minutes.


NOTE: If the holding tank is used, or has been sitting for more than a year, allow sanitizer to sit in a tank for 30 to 60 Minutes.


Empty the first 3 tankfuls of water. These will contain carbon fines and sanitizer.


Optional recharge station – this can be set up at the office to pre-rinse the exchange modules and also to sanitize the holding tank. The drinking water system can then be repackaged for transport.


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