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(VIDEO) Drinking Water System Installation – Step 5 – Set Up Holding Tank and Inline Filter

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Drinking Water System Installation – Step 5 – Set Up Holding Tank and Inline Filter
(Video transcript included below.)


Hi. I’m Joe McCusker. We’re here at The LeverEdge in Odessa, Florida and we’re going to show you how to install a drinking water system.


Step 5 – Set Up Holding Tank and Inline Filter


Using Teflon tape, wrap two to three times around the tank stem, being sure to leave the first thread exposed. This will prevent the tape from entering the system and also ensures that the tape will not fold over when tightening the fitting.


Install the shut-off valve. Verify that the holding tank shut-off valve is in the off position.


Locate the yellow 3/8ths-inch tubing. Using the tubing cutters, trim off a suitable length piece. Insert tubing into holding tank valve. Install a locking clip.


Locate the yellow quarter-inch permeate line coming from the manifold and remove the T fitting. Install the fitting onto the previously trimmed holding tank tubing. Install a locking clip.


Route the quarter-inch permeate line to the T. Using tubing cutters, trim to length. Install a locking clip.


Inline filter clip mounting – the top of the manifold is predrilled to accept the mounting clip screw. Using the proper length mounting screw, install mount and clip onto the manifold. Do not overtighten.


Noting direction, insert the filter into mounting clip. Locate the remaining yellow 3/8ths-inch tubing. Insert tubing until fully seated into the remaining port on the holding tank T. Route tubing to the inlet side of the filter. Using the tube cutters, trim tubing to proper length and install a locking clip.


Locate blue 3/8ths-inch tubing coming from the dispensing faucet. Route the tubing as needed to the “Out” side of the inline filter. Trim as needed and install a locking clip.


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