Types of Water Contamination

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types-of-water-contaminationMany of us take for granted the water that we consume on a daily basis. Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a world that contains many harmful chemicals and substances that can turn ordinary drinking water into a serious health risk. While not all of us in the United States are prone to the same risks that might be found in other countries, it’s still worthwhile to be aware of what contaminants could possibly cause a problem for the water that you and your family consume every day.

Polluted water never starts that way. When water occurs naturally, it is simply composed of two atoms of hydrogen and a single atom of oxygen. That is the technically correct definition of water, after all. It’s when contaminants enter the picture that water is changed from its chemically perfect state to one that may not be ideal for human consumption. Here are a few ways that this can happen:

  • Nutrient pollution. This includes invasion by wastewater, fertilizers and algae. Too much of any of these substances can turn the water toxic, rendering it useless to drink.
  • Surface water pollution. This can come from lakes, lagoons and reservoirs. As air particles land on water, the entire source becomes contaminated.
  • Ground water pollution. Digging wells and doing excavation work can disrupt natural water tables, leading to pollution in the drinking supply.
  • Chemical water pollution. Industrial farmers and agricultural companies use potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides, which can make their way into drinking water systems if gone unchecked.
  • Suspended matter. Suspended matter refers to any particulate material in water that shouldn’t be there. This includes dirt, organic matter, trash and containment residue.
  • Oil spillage. Even though this is becoming rarer, it is still a viable concern, especially for communities that live along coastal areas.

As you can see, there is more than one way that your water can become compromised by invasive chemicals and organisms. This is why it’s critical to have a fully functioning, safety-checked water filtration and distribution system. The professionals at The Lever Edge are ready to help make this happen for you and your home, so contact us today.

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