Thinking of Becoming a LeverEdge Dealer? Read This!

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Every year, new LeverEdge dealers set themselves up for success by partnering with one of the most successful and respected name in the residential water quality industry: The LeverEdge.

If you think your organization is fit to become a dealer, you could be right! In most cases, potential dealers have a lot of the same questions before taking the leap—here are four of the most common questions we hear from them.

Q: How much does your equipment cost?

Ben Franklin famously declared over 250 years ago that the disappointment of low quality will persist longer than the satisfaction of a budget-friendly price.

This is an adage that has withstood the test of time, and it is evident in The LeverEdge’s premium brands that come with a higher price point. This investment is worth it, though, as these products provide higher quality and therefore higher customer satisfaction, leading to more repeat referrals and business.

Granting this, there is no upfront investment required to become a LeverEdge dealer.

Q: What kind of financing do you offer?

The LeverEdge and our sister company ISPC—which was created specifically to finance water treatment systems—have set the industry standard for such purchases.

Since then, competitors have followed, but The LeverEdge and ISPC remain the leaders, offering the lowest minimum payments in the industry.

Furthermore, the one-page credit applications are fast and easy, and all transactions are paperless and electronically transmitted.

Q: Will you give me protected territory?

It may not be feasible for a new dealer to expect to have a monopolized territory with The LeverEdge. However, with the right qualifications, an exclusive contract could be attainable.

Your experience, past success, and the scope of your current business will be taken into account when considering this. We offer a variety of products from various brands, so there won’t be any overlap between our dealers in the same area.

Q: Will you generate leads for me and support me in marketing?

The LeverEdge provides ample tools and support to help you become a successful dealer. We have brand assets, marketing and sales collateral, and professional marketing coaches to assist you.

Additionally, you can join our dealer co-op program and receive 2% of your sales to use for advertising purposes. With our resources, you can create effective marketing strategies and tactics to achieve success.

Ready to Learn More? Contact Us!

The prospect of becoming a LeverEdge dealer is exciting! When you’re ready to learn more or to take the next step in the process, contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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