The Top 3 Technologies Available from The LeverEdge Today

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In our 40+-year history, we have seen technology trends come and go. Very few have managed to stand the test of time, and those that continue to provide real value for homeowners are the ones we’ve reinvested in year after year.

The LeverEdge is proud to offer advanced systems that make living easier, more affordable, and better for the environment. Today, we’re spotlighting the three technologies that continue to make the most difference for our customers.

#1: Whole-Home Water Treatment Systems

Generally speaking, municipal water treatment facilities do a fair job of cleaning and preparing water for domestic consumption. But, regardless of where you live in the US, chances are your water can taste better and even be more effective when used to clean.

Whole-home water treatment systems from The LeverEdge condition and filter water so it tastes great and enhances the efficiency of appliances and cleaning tasks, year-round.

#2: Pool Technology Solutions

Solar-powered pool heating. Ingenious salt chlorination systems. Variable-speed pool pumps.

The LeverEdge has a wide breadth of pool technology solutions that enhance your comfort and allow you to enjoy your pool for more months out of the year and with less maintenance hassle.

#3: Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Generation

20 years ago, many people thought residential solar power was a gimmick or a passing fad.

On the contrary, the residential PV solar market is in its 5th consecutive year of growth, with no signs of letting up any time soon. Clearly, residential solar is here to stay!

And, with our all-in-one solar PV kits, going solar is easier than ever.

Put This Technology to Work for You, Today!

Your local LeverEdge dealer is an expert in matching your unique needs with the technologies that can help you and your family live a more comfortable, more cost-effective life, all thanks to advances in technology.

To find the LeverEdge dealer nearest you, contact us now!

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