The Top 3 Benefits of Refined Water

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Water is crucial to our survival and well-being, even though it’s common for us to take for granted the quality of water that comes out of our pipes and spigots every day.

What you don’t see in the water you consume may be causing more problems than you may think. Without high-quality water refinement, unwanted mineral deposits and distasteful pathogens can easily make their way into virtually any water source.

To drive this point home even further, we’re listing out the three top benefits of refined water.

Benefit #1: Water refining removes deposits that can gum up plumbing

The trace amounts of fluoride, calcium, and other minerals aren’t noticeable when you draw a glass of water from the tap and drink it down. It’s not until ongoing use of water takes place over multiple weeks and months that the telltale signs of hard water deposits become obvious.

Refined water eliminates many of these unwanted minerals, liberating your plumbing and reducing the need for appliance maintenance or replacement.

Benefit #2: Delicate dishware, glassware, and flatware don’t spot or stain as often

When mineral deposits harden on the surface of dishes or cookware, they often crystallize into small granules that can cause etching and rashing on the items we use every day.

Thinks like china sets, crystal wine glasses, and polished silverware can all exhibit premature wear with the ongoing use of unrefined water.

Benefit #3: Cleaning is faster and more efficient with refined water

Have you ever noticed that when you take a shower with ‘hard’ water, it takes longer for soap to dissipate? That’s because of the mineral content in unrefined water.

The same goes for household cleaning like mopping and scrubbing. When you remove the extraneous minerals from the water you use to clean, everything goes smoother and takes less time.

All Signs Point to Refined Water

Given the many benefits that refined water provide, there really is no good argument against using water refining technology to improve your quality of life. Most water refining equipment can be installed in a matter of hours, and the benefits of this technology can be realized immediately.

To inquire about how the LeverEdge can help you achieve this, contact us today.

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