The Great News about Solar Water Heating

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A domestic solar water heating system diagram

Have you heard?

It’s becoming more common for homeowners in your area to reduce their utility costs every month by switching to solar-powered water heating systems.

Solar-powered energy generation systems are nothing new. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels have been around for decades. But solar water heating is different. This technology makes use of the thermal energy of the sun, as opposed to the photoelectric energy (which is what PV panels need in order to function).

So, how does this all work? And is it really as easy as it sounds?

Traditional Water Heating vs. Solar Water Heating

Historically, modern water heaters have operated on a principle of gas- or electric-powered heating in order to warm a holding chamber of water. This water is then distributed throughout the building on an as-needed basis.

These traditional domestic water heaters can vary widely in their efficiency level. Some older models can cost as much as $50 per month to operate. However, a good estimate for the annual cost of an electrically powered water heater is about $438 per year.

What if that cost could be eliminated? Or, at the very least, what if it could be cut in half?

It’s possible with solar-powered water heating systems from The LeverEdge.

How It Works

Intelligent automation is the “secret sauce” when it comes to effective, efficient solar power water heaters.

The Nuvis domestic water heating solution from The LeverEdge sends room temperature water out through a series of thermally conductive pipes (together called a ‘collector’) that are exposed to direct sunlight. These pipes are typically installed on the roof of the building.

Then, the Nuvis system continuously monitors its ability to absorb heat from the sun and cycles itself on or off accordingly.

That’s automation working for you to serve up hot water you can use whenever it’s needed, warmed naturally by the thermal power of the sun!

And, if you ever need more hot water than the sun can provide, Nuvis’ back-up heating element automatically takes over, ensuring that you will always have all the hot water you need.

Saving Money on Hot Water Bills Is Easy!

You might be surprised to learn how simple and cost effective it is to have a solar-heated water system professionally installed in your home.

To learn more, or to locate a LeverEdge dealer near you, contact us today.

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