The #1 Reason Why Solar Attic Fans Matter in Winter

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Solar attic fans are often thought of as a way to address the problem of stuffy, hot hair that can accumulate in crawl spaces and attics. While this is true, there is a ‘hidden’ benefit of solar attic fans—a benefit that doesn’t become altogether obvious until the weather cools and winter comes upon us.

During warmer months, solar attic fans put in overtime to circulate air throughout the attic, ensuring that evenly cooled air makes its way to all of the recesses that it can.

This has the desired effect of reducing cooling bills, as better-circulated air costs less to cool than when pockets of warmer, uncirculated air are present.

But, when November and December roll around, the value of solar attic fans starts to really shine.

A Dam ‘Breakthrough’

When the mercury drops and weather patterns change, ice and snow become factors to contend with. And, when the air inside of an attic isn’t being properly circulated, something called ice damming can occur.

Ice damming is a term used to describe the melting of snow or ice over sections of the roof that are warmer than other sections. When this snow or ice melts, it can then travel down to the cooler area of the roof, where it will refreeze. This spells trouble for flashing, gutters, and roofing materials.

Ice damming can also be dangerous, as formations of refrozen ice can accumulate and fall to the ground below, damaging property or even injuring people.

Solar attic fans help to thwart the dangers posed by ice damming. They do this by ensuring that the temperature of the roof is an even constant, and that there isn’t as much potential for water, ice, or snow to ‘dam up’ in certain areas.

And the best part? Solar attic fans operate completely on their own, without requiring any external source of electricity. The magic is in the solar panel, solar controller, and integrated battery that work in concert to keep the unit functional throughout the year without any maintenance required.

Do It for Your Roof

All it takes is a single cold snap for ice damming to become a problem. Protect yourself and your roof from the dangers of ice damming by having a solar attic fan installed by the professionals at The LeverEdge.

To learn more or to obtain a quote, contact us today.

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