Take the Sting Out of Pool Ownership With These Upgrades

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Owning a pool doesn’t have to clean out your wallet every month.

Do you love your pool but hate the costs of maintaining it? Fortunately, there are many upgrades you can make to your pool to help reduce the costs of pool ownership. Here are some ways to take the sting out of having a pool.

Variable-Speed Pump

The first place to find energy savings for your pool is by upgrading to a variable-speed pump. Variable-speed pumps use up to 90% less energy than single-speed pumps while maintaining your pool’s temperature more effectively. If you have a large pool and high electric rates, you could save up to $2000 or more per year on your electric bill.

Solar Pool Heater

Why use electricity to heat your pool when you could use the power of the sun, instead? Solar pool heaters use your pool’s existing pump to send water to special collectors on the roof that use the sun’s energy to directly heat the water. You could save hundreds of dollars a month by switching to a solar pool heater.

Another great feature about solar pool heaters is that they can work in reverse during the hottest months of the year. The system will pump hot water to the solar collectors at night, where the water cools before being returned to your pool.

Digital Control Panel

Heating or cooling your pool is more energy efficient when it doesn’t experience extreme temperature fluctuations. A digital control panel for your pump isn’t just easier for you to use, but it can help maintain your pool’s temperature more evenly.

Solar Panels

Why limit your energy savings to just your pool? If you have enough roof space, our solar PV kits can help you power your home with the sun’s energy. Just think about how nice it would be to reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.

Bonus: Switch to Salt Chlorination

Products from The LeverEdge can take the sting out of your eyes and not just your wallet. Salt chlorine generators sanitize your pool by converting salt into chlorine gas, which is gentler on eyes, skin, and swimsuits than traditional forms of chlorine.

Contact The LeverEdge to Learn More

To talk to an expert about which of these upgrades would be the best for your swimming pool, contact The LeverEdge today by clicking here or calling 813-403-5100. We’ll discuss your pool and home to help you choose the perfect products to take the sting out of owning and maintaining a pool.

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