Switch to Salt in Your Pool to Save Your Skin and Hair

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Chlorine is harsh on your skin and hair. Switch to a salt chlorine generator for gentler pool water.

Is your hair brittle and faded from spending so much time in your pool? Do your family’s swimsuits wear out surprisingly quickly? Do your kids cry when they get pool water in their eyes? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to consider adding a salt chlorine generator to your pool.

What Is Salt Chlorination?

Salt chlorination is a method of converting salt in your pool to chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is a potent sanitizer at lower chlorine levels than other forms such as liquid, powder, or tablets, so it causes fewer side effects like stinging eyes and brittle hair.

How does salt chlorination work?

First, you add a special type of salt to your pool water. Then the water goes through a special chamber that uses an ion exchange process to convert the salt into chlorine gas. The chlorinated water is then returned to your pool.

What Are the Benefits of Salt Chlorine Generators?

Compared to traditional methods of pool chlorination, salt chlorine generators have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Comfort. Other types of pool chlorine are harsh on hair, skin, eyes, swimsuits, and even the pool itself. Salt chlorination is gentler on your skin, hair, pool, and clothing.
  • Convenience. Salt is easier and safer to buy, store, and use than tablet, powdered, or liquid forms of pool chlorine.
  • Cost savings. Salt chlorination costs about half as much as other forms of pool chlorination, meaning the salt chlorine generator should eventually pay for itself.

Other Pool Upgrades You Should Consider

As long as you’re thinking about adding a salt chlorine generator to your pool, why not also consider these other upgrades that could improve pool ownership:

  • Energy-efficient variable speed pool pumps. Variable speed pumps are more cost-effective than single- or two-speed pool pumps, which saves you money on your electric bill each month. Also, variable speed pool pumps can handle multiple features, so they can grow as your pool usage changes.
  • Pool heat pump. Swim year-round with a powerful heat pump that can work even when temps drop below freezing. Heat pumps also often work in reverse to cool your pool on sweltering summer days.
  • Solar pool heater. Want warmer pool water without adding to your electric bill? If your roof gets plenty of sun, a solar pool heater can raise your pool’s water temperature by 10-15 degrees without using any electricity.

Learn More Today

If you think a salt chlorine generator – or any other pool upgrade – is right for your home, contact The LeverEdge today by calling 813-403-5100 or clicking here. Our experts will help you select the perfect system for your pool.

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