Summer’s Coming; It’s Time for Solar!

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With the long summer days comes a glut of sunshine, and that’s great news for people who have installed solar panels onto their homes or commercial buildings.

This is a great opportunity for distribution partners to be talking about the solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions available from the LeverEdge. With the all-in-one, ‘kitted’ solar power systems from the LeverEdge, energy savings can be realized on day one after installation.

Convenient, Cost-Effective Solar Energy

There are two key reasons why kitted solar power solutions from the LeverEdge are so remarkable.

First, they include everything required to get a new solar power system up and running, including:

  • Industrial-grade solar panels from the most reputable manufacturers, including Solar World
  • Signed, sealed engineering drawings that can be used to validate the equipment for AHJ or building compliance purposes
  • All the inverters, wiring, and mounting equipment necessary for a safe, stable installation

Second, solar power systems from the LeverEdge are fully customized and expertly installed by technicians with a proven track record of outstanding workmanship. Our list of satisfied solar power clients is long and backed with rave reviews, from both residential and commercial customers.

When you combine the peerless product quality from manufacturers like SMA, Enphase, and Unirac with the knowledgeable design and installation assistance provided by the LeverEdge team, the result is a win-win for our customers.

And, if you need another reason to go solar today, consider the federal tax credits that apply to qualified systems. In some cases, customers can wind up saving thousands thanks to Uncle Sam in appreciation of the reduced carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuel-powered electricity.

For the Best Solar Systems, Contact the LeverEdge Today

However you define quality, one thing’s for sure: the LeverEdge is committed to delivering the absolute best equipment, installation, and customer service. We know that our reputation is on the line with every solar power system we sell, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that every solar project exceeds expectations.

To learn more, contact us today.

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