Solar Water Heaters Are Game-Changers. But Why?

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You probably already know about the incredible potential solar panels have for reducing your reliance on grid-sourced electricity. And you’ve likely already learned about how solar pool heating applications have helped thousands of pool owners enjoy a longer swim season, all thanks to the sun.

But, did you know that The LeverEdge also supplies all-in-one solar residential water heating solutions? These systems use the same solar heating principles found in solar pool heating applications, but allow for domestic use including cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks.

Focus on Performance

Enhance your home water use with absolute peace of mind, as the Nuvis Solar Water Heating System ensures worry-free performance.

Delight in the knowledge that your water is heated effortlessly by the boundless energy of the sun. Feel confident that your Nuvis water heating system seamlessly delivers a host of remarkable advantages to your family, including substantial cost savings, decreased energy usage, minimized environmental impact, and even increased home value.

“Set and Forget” Functionality

Nuvis relies on intelligent automation to achieve remarkable efficiency and self-sufficiency.

Your Nuvis system diligently monitors its capacity to harness solar heat, seamlessly toggling its operation on or off as needed. Whenever there is heat to be captured, the circulating pump springs into action, drawing cold water from the bottom of the specially designed solar storage tank.

This water then journeys through the solar collector(s), where it is heated before being returned to the tank as ready-to-use hot water. This cycle continues uninterrupted as long as the sun continues to supply heat to your water. In the absence of solar heat, the pump intelligently deactivates itself, and the collector(s) automatically isolate to prevent any heat loss from the tank.

Should you ever require more hot water than the sun can provide, Nuvis’ backup heating element promptly takes over, ensuring an endless supply of hot water for your needs.

Learn More by Contacting a LeverEdge Dealer Today

Solar-powered residential water heating systems are more accessible and affordable than you may think.

To learn more about how to take advantage of this incredible technology, contact your local LeverEdge dealer.

Not sure who to call? No sweat! Just reach out to us, and we’ll put you in touch with the dealer nearest you.

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